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Visit to Jerico

Note : This is a guide based on our experience and we share it freely. We do not have commercial alliances with the companies mentioned here. If any provider does not respond or does not provide the service, please inform us to remove it from this guide. 

We have decided to make this travel guide to Jericó,  to help you make the most of your stay in this wonderful municipality of Antioquia - Colombia. and that you can know in advance what to do in  Jericó.

Gastronomic visit: Jericó stands out for having an excellent and fast gastronomic service, in addition to this, the dishes always come out hot and exquisite. To enjoy a delicious homemade lunch, you can visit the restaurant "La Gruta", which offers everything from a paisa tray to preparations with sea food. 

You can also visit "Tomatitos", which offers you all kinds of pizza pastas and WOK (vegetarian option) among others. Do you like hamburgers? there is Golem Burger on Calle de los Poetas in addition to the food truck at Ecoland of their own.


You can also find “Montaña Parrilla” & “Isabel Parrilla”, for meat lovers, where you will find excellent perfectly matured cuts

For the afternoon there is the Café Don Rafa, delicious Café, pastry and restaurant, Cafe Saturia (tastings of varieties of coffees and methods) and the most delicious Karlina artisan bakery located on the street of the poets, let yourself be surprised walking the streets of Jericó


The next day you can enjoy delicious breakfast that will make you start the day with the best energy at Café Don Rafa (included in your stay at Azulado 💙 *)


* If you book directly on our booking engine

You can request the typical Taxi in Jerico type TukTuk at the number +6048523011 (dialing from a cell phone)

Walking tour of Jericó: The City tour is a wonderful walk through Jericó that lasts approximately 2 hours, cost approximately $ 20,000 person, A walk through the beautiful streets next to a guide who will tell you the history of this municipality and of each one of its streets. You can schedule it with Yilmar Gomez - Cell: (321)773-4487 There are also tourist plans that you can find out at the Jericó Tourism office on Poet Street

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Ecological walks (Trekking): In Jericó you can do a great nature tourism by doing various ecological walks such as to the ecological park Las Nubes, Morro El Salvador, where you find a monument to Christ the King and from its top you can see a panoramic view of the municipality of Jericó among others.

Visit Las Nubes Ecological Park: One of the main tourist attractions of the municipality is the Las Nubes Ecological Park, 45 min walk - 1 hour of ascent with an intensity of 7/10 recommended sunscreen and hydration and sportswear. From it you can see the entire natural center, a panoramic view of the Cauca on clear days or a panoramic view of Jericó during the ascent. Due to the tranquility that this natural reserve offers, visitors to this natural space take the opportunity to go up at night when there is a full moon and during the day to go on ecotourism walks.

Coffee tour: Participating in this tour is a magnificent experience that you cannot miss when you visit the Municipality of Jericó; There you will take an experiential tour, in one of the coffee farms located a few kilometers from the municipality, where you will learn in the company of a coffee farmer the process that is carried out, from the seed to enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, passing through each of the following processes: Starts 10:30 AM 1. Snack 2. Coffee History 3. Coffee Visit, 5. Benefit Process 6. Lunch 7. Preparation Methods (Duration 3 - 4 hr. Explanation of Methods (Schedule your tour for $ 90,000 pesos with us click here ) .

Visit Chorros de  Quebradora : Beautiful waterfall just 20 min by car from the main park, it is not a site developed for tourism, its income is rural and it is not demarcated, ask the peasants of the Area or schedule a Tour

Visit the Río Frio Path: Path between Támesis and Jericó where the rivers are born, visit the Río Frio Estadero where you can have a picnic, enjoy the river and take a puddle or pot ride located 40 minutes from Jericó traveling through a beautiful humid forest more than 2,600 meters above sea level (State of the regular road - preferably all-terrain car or hire a transport service)


Visit to museums: (Maja (Anthropological), Ateneo (House of Music)  , Casa Tomas Uribe Abad (Decorative art)


Maja Museum : You cannot leave Jericó without having visited this spectacular museum, the most important in the south-west of Antioquia,  since it is a center of culture for delight and learning where you will find art, photography, architecture, literature, politics and civics; theater and dance; gastronomy, the environment and new technologies. The museum has a cultural agenda all year round and temporary exhibitions and concerts. Consult the calendar directly on the museum's website Instagram  @museomaja

Christian pilgrimage


Mother Laura Birthplace  This is the place located 2 blocks from the main park, ideal for religious people; Entering the house where the holy mother Laura Montoya Upegui was born on May 26, 1874 constitutes an unforgettable experience for thousands of believers who travel to Jericó to follow in her footsteps, which was dedicated to working for indigenous communities in the Urabá jungle. In this place you can see, among other things, the font in which she was baptized and several family photographs.


Visit the cathedral, churches and monasteries all in the urban area

Santuario Madre Laura (The pink church 💕): You can't leave Jericó without seeing this beautiful and unique church located in the second park 3 blocks from the main park.

Wellness and Spa:  When you visit Jericó you can schedule an appointment with Balance Energy who offer a Spa service, are located next to the park or can also attend you at home in Azulado depending on the apartment. Appointment: (300)548-2109

Paragliding: Don't forget to go flying through the spectacular southwestern region of Antioquia outside Jericó (10 min), where you will enjoy the most wonderful sightings from above with an experienced person. You will be able to visualize the Cauca River, the Andes mountains and much more. There is also the possibility of seeing hawks, monkeys and sloths in the trees below, we can schedule your flight with @ecolandjerico Cel: (319) 637-4791.

Horseback Riding: Another of the various activities that you can do in Jericó is to take a wonderful horseback ride, where you can find the combination of incredible horses giving you an authentic and unforgettable experience - @paseosacaballojerico Mauricio Suarez (319) 266-5055.

Botanical Garden: When you visit Jericó and want to enjoy the tranquility and freshness of nature, you have to visit the Los Balsos Botanical Garden, located at the base of the Morro del Salvador and close to the main park of Jericó. This natural space has ecological trails for you to travel and appreciate the variety of flora and vegetation of the region. In addition, it has wooden bridges, lakes and kiosks to enjoy eating snacks, eating cold cuts, and sitting down to share with family and friends.

See the sunset:  Jericó offers very colorful sunsets most of the year (Orange and Pink) our favorite points to see the sunset are from Morro el Salvador, Mirador de las Olas establishment 10 min by car, in the ecological park Las Nubes or from the deck in Ecoland always accompanied by your favorite drink.

The night in Jericó: There are different places to visit when night falls. To enjoy a few drinks you can walk through the places on the terrace next to the church in the main park, have a canelazo and dinner at the restaurant La Comedia Segundo Parque, or visit Cafetal-Bar, a place with 2 crossover and rock atmospheres. If you like live music on Saturdays at @CentroBomarzo they carry out activities where you can enjoy with your friends a place surrounded by art, culture, music and gastronomy.  

Note : This is a guide based on our experience and we share it freely, we do not have commercial alliances with the companies mentioned here and we reserve the right to modify it at any time. If you want to participate in this guide, write to us at WhatsApp or at or if you have any additional suggestions.

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