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Azulado Rules

1. Pets are not allowed * (some exceptions apply $ 30,000 night + $ 200,000 deposit Apt 11 is the only Pet Friendly).

2. Leave a cash deposit of $ 100,000 pesos (It is returned when leaving)

3. Smoking is not allowed inside, or any other substance

5. The reservation must be paid 100% at the time of Check In (Entrance to the Apt).

5. Take care of the apartment in General

6. Always check that the main door is closed

7. Do not remove make-up or clean suitcases or shoes with hotel towels

8. Do not place wheeled suitcases on the beds

9. You can't have parties.

10. Do not eat on the beds

11. Minors without parents or responsible family members are not allowed.

12. After 10PM the volume should be lowered

13. You cannot park on Cra 1 (in front of the hotel) there is a parking lot one block from the Hotel ($ 16,000 pesos 24Hr Cars) Cell: (310) 844-4864.

14. All members of the reserve must carry their official documents (CC, CE, Passport, Civil Registry or Identity Card).

15. Children under 10 years old are accepted only in Apt 11 and 21.

16. Weekends with holidays, a minimum of 2 nights is reserved.

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